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Rosin & Cartridges

We got our start as a hash company, before we even began growing, so you might say we're passionate about our rosin! We freeze buds straight off the plant and extract the trichomes using only ultra-pure ice and water. This all natural process allows us to preserve and highlight the natural terpenes and effects of the cannabis plant. 

Our full spectrum rosin carts are potent- not your average vape pen! We put the high quality, solventless, live rosin that you expect from Kalikori Melts, in a portable, easy to use, 0.5ml cartridge. We use only the highest quality, safety tested cartridges for the best vaping experience possible.

Flower & Pre-rolls

We grow our flower indoors, under sustainable LED lights, without the use of pesticides. Our cultivation team gives each plant individual hands-on care throughout its lifecycle and we always hand trim our buds to preserve quality and flavor.  


Kalikori Farms flower is available in 3.5g packages, 0.5g Pre-roll singles, and 0.5g Pre-roll 5-Packs.

Rosin Edibles

Kalikori Dots are made with solventless, full spectrum, live rosin and all natural fruit flavor concentrate. Each 10mg THC gummy is bursting with flavor for a sweet and delicious intergalactic experience. 

Kalikori Drops are made with solventless, full spectrum, live rosin, mct oil, and all natural flavor extracts. Each bottle contains 100mg of THC, but each drop is only 0.5mg, for a truly customizable experience. 

Kalikori Sweets  are made with solventless, full spectrum, live hash rosin and all natural flavors. Each reusable tin contains 10 naturally flavored candies, each dusted with powdered sugar for a little bit of extra joy!

Rosin & Carts
Flower & Pre-rolls
Rosin Edibles
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